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10″ Smooth Kut Cut & Color Airway Wheel (Joker)

10″ Smooth Kut Cut & Color Airway Wheel (Joker)

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Here is another newly developed Signature Series wheel. The SMOOTH KUT is our most popular Secondary Cutting wheel nicknamed the JOKER by Kevin Clapp of Texas Premier Polishing. Use with our Platinum rouge bar MOSS GREEN. If you have used our Hall Green or Purple Lea Airway, you will love this wheel.

  • Signature Series
  • Secondary Cut & Color
  • Hybrid Dual Density Cloth Purple/Green Cloth
  • Can be used for a primary cut on softer aluminums
  • Mill treated cloth for aluminum and stainless steel
  • 5/8″ arbor hole – 10″ Wheel
  • Suggested compound bars: Moss, Black Magic, or Tripoli
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